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Some good changes- Volunteers of God

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January 30, 2023  

Subject: Some good changes in the coordination of the Associate group Volunteers of God

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to inform you of some good changes in the coordination of the Associate group Volunteers of God.

As you know, since the departure of Rose Mathieu and France Robitaille, the Associate Group has been without a core team. Esther Acuña Rios had full responsibility for coordination, and she did it brilliantly. However, the task was enormous for her.

During the last meeting of the Administrative Council on January 7 and 8, the Council approved some excellent changes in the coordination so that the Associate group Volunteers of God can continue to respond to the inner call to love and serve their fellow human beings in the way of Jesus and to make daily gestures of love towards others in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, among others.

To do so, Violaine Couture will act as the French and English-speaking coordinator, Esther Acuña Rios will continue as the Spanish speaking coordinator and Françoise Lequarré, a member of the Administrative Council from the Europe region, has been appointed as the contact person for the Associate group Volunteers of God to replace Violaine Couture.

There is already a good collaboration between Esther and Violaine, who have started to work together.

The Administrative Council is convinced that these changes in coordination will breathe new life into and further energize Volunteer's presence on the ground.

As Oblates, let us remain united with the Volunteers in order to spread our attitudes of life even further.


Denise Dubé


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