Tuesday, 31 January 2023 20:30

Volunteers of God - Renewal of promises

On December 12, 2022, the group of Volunteers of God from La Tuque committed themselves once again to live the five attitudes for the next year. There were ten of us, including one future Volunteer.

We read a paragraph from the book by Father Louis-Marie Parent “In the Footsteps of Jesus”: “In the countries where they work, the Oblates have gathered together lay people of all ages and have formed a considerable group of committed Christians, “The Volunteers of God,” who live the experience of the five attitudes every day. These many lay people, spread over several countries, make a formal promise each year to consciously, freely and voluntarily live the five attitudes in order to be peacemakers, harmonious and peaceful elements and builders of serenity”. We then became aware of the strength of the union of God's Volunteers throughout the world.

Among the five attitudes, we chose the being of service: “A being of service is an intelligent living being, who freely and voluntarily sides with God and is ready to be a docile instrument to all His wills, as soon as they are known.” From the same book, we have to live this attitude more intensely with Christmas gatherings, solidarity with the less fortunate and our desire to serve this Child God.

We paid tribute to Mary Immaculate and her husband Joseph with prayers and songs. The theme of our sharing was the celebration of Christmas in relation to faith, hope and charity.
By Nicole Nault

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