Thursday, 22 October 2020 23:13

What a Good Idea !

nouvelle francoiselFrançoise had the bright idea of demonstrating the way the 5 attitudes help her to live the mission better; this is her approach:

Christian (permanent deacon) wrote an article which, in reality, is a testimony because he sees Françoise living as a witness of the Gospel in the pastoral unit of their neighborhood.

Christian describes Françoise's action in her community as follows:

I remembered Marcelle Carton from Brother Julien's time years ago. I remembered Françoise a little less; however, her good nature and her jovial spirit make her memorable.

More recently, a little over a year and a half ago, "the Holy Spirit and we" were inspired.

At the time I asked Marcelle to take charge of future catechumens from different horizons. A few weeks later, it was Françoise's turn to get involved in an important ministry of our ecclesial life: the Diakonia.

What luck and what joy to have them both, each with her fine-tuned charism, as teammates in the mission of the Church. I am a privileged witness to it.

“Open wide doors and windows” of the small domestic church on Pieter Street where you can feel the Gospel lived every day, where the word caritas is not an empty word, where everyone is welcomed for what they are in an atmosphere of listening with respect, discretion, fraternity. You see there charity, prayer, compassion, encouragement, discretion, peacemaking.

Come to 72 Pieter Street and see; there you will find two women filled with joy, with discernment, with their feet on the ground and their head in heaven.

You will find there this discreet presence of our God who has become all things to all people.

Thank you, Marcelle and Françoise, for your discreet and no less effective presence at the heart of this humanity, in the heart of God.

Christian Van Robeyns

Thank you, Françoise and Marcelle, for your action in your pastoral unit, shared by a person who sees you both in action.

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