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The Consequences of Lock down affected all the people

The status of Oblates in the region

Oblates in Asia are safe till today. The Consequences of Lock down affected all the people. The Oblates are also affected and all the spiritual and physical activities are badly disturbed. No job and no payments. The Oblates in our region spend more time for prayers and reflection. Participating Holy Mass through Television and other medias. Some Oblates are invited by the parish priest to participate in Holy Mass celebrated privately on all week days and Sundays.

Activities – by local church level and government level

The churches are all closed for an indefinite period. People are participating the Holy Mass through online or through Television. No spiritual programs in the churches. In the parish level, few parishes support the poor parishioners by giving food materials for few days.
The government is giving proper care for the virus affected people. Asking all the people to wear mask when they go out to buy the necessary things and ask the people to keep clean their face and hands often with soap. The government is supporting by giving food materials to the poor families in some countries.

Activities of the people – life of the people.
People are all locked down at their home. The working parents have more time with their children. The family bond is strengthening. Some organizations come forward to help by distributing food for the very poor families.

Pictures of Oblates’ activities during lock down period.

 mercy sur petit canevas

thrésiamma fabrication masque
Pictures of Oblates’ activities during
lock down period.
Mercy Savariyaradimai (Oblate)
Jyothi Centre: India giving food
materials through
Jyothi Jeeva Poorna Trust .

Thresiamma Mathew(Oblate)
giving mask to the health workers
from Archana Women Centre

A group of the Archana Women’s
Centre community making masks.

Some grocery and vegetable shops got permission to open the shops for certain hours. People can buy things by keeping social distance. Catholic people attend Mass and adoration and other special prayers through Television and through internet.

Mercy S.

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