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Administrative council 2022-2027

Below are the names of the new President, the new Vice-President and the members of the Administrative Council.
Please carry these companions in your prayers.


Admin council oblates

From left to right: Ellena Brelu Brelu (vice-president), AIO Region, Françoise Lequarré,
EUROPE Region, Denise Dubé (president), NAE Region, Renée Ntagungira, NAW Region.
Mortised from top to bottom: Delina Carretero Calenzani, LAC Region, Violaine Couture, NAE Region and Doan Thi Ngoc Diêp, AIO Region.


Excerpt from President Denise Dubé’s letter to the 2022 General Assembly

denise dube oblate

Dear Oblate Companions,

We worked hard and together to have a statement that a large majority of Oblates throughout the world would identify with. Following Christ to witness the unconditional love of God the Father through the attitudes of life. We have therefore taken your comments into account for a brief, precise and representative statement. This statement strongly connects us to our foundation points: Christ, charity (unconditional love) and our life attitudes. This means that every Oblate, wherever she may be, whatever her age, her limitations, her involvement in society, has the possibility of living this mission. Each Oblate, by applying herself to live her attitudes in daily life, is part of the mission of the Institute. In this way, we become a force for the Gospel. Every little gesture of love, every service rendered, every moment of welcoming the other, of listening on the telephone, of seeking peace between neighbours and you have plenty of examples in your daily life - represent the living out of our mission. And we can thank God for this wonderful mission!

In closing, let us all be open, and available to the new paths that the Spirit of the Lord wants to trace. Sometimes we do not immediately understand where He is leading us, but He is present and watching over His Institute, as is Father Parent. Let us remain in hope. The Lord Jesus is on the road with us.

With all my heart, I am with each one of you,
Denise Dubé, President

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