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Can I become free, (part 3)

depliant puis je devenir libre part deux engCertainly, if I manage to achieve a certain degree of concentration.

Concentration is the application of all intellectual effort on a specifically defined object.

Concentration, or awareness, helps us establish direct communication with ourselves, with our most profound zone. Each of us must discern in what is going on in our life - what builds up, what diffuses fear, what frees from feelings of guilt and what allows self-fulfillment and growth towards what we are called to be.

I have to concentrate on knowing, accepting and appreciating myself and living out the best of myself.
Qualities, gifts, talents, energies and aptitudes are deposited in me like grains of seed which I must cultivate and which I will harvest one day and from which others will reap benefits.
Being free assumes that you know yourself well which requires the ability to grow in awareness of the riches of your being.

Conclusion of parts 1-2-3

To come to experience the indulgence, friendship, fraternity and mercy that lie dormant in oneself, a person could choose to adopt a new mode of thinking. How? By practicing the following approach for 15 minutes a day: settling into a relaxed comfortable seating position then refraining from reasoning that leads to the analyzing of feelings of frustration and by banishing anxieties and worries. In so doing they would then willingly decide to improve their listening and understanding skills; understanding that spontaneously giving their trust to others is more profitable than exercising control over them to find out whether or not they are worthy of affection.

We become free when we live consistently and fully the riches of our being. Life is more a matter of the heart than of the feelings or the mind.

Personal reflections

1. What am I currently worried about in my surroundings or in the daily news?
2. What qualities, talents and aptitudes do I have?
3. Do I lay guilt trips on myself? If so, about what in particular?
4. How can I Today remain free from the past?

From the Volunteers of God Collection, "Can I become free?"
Group associated with the Secular Institute, the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate

Can I become free ? (part 1). Certainly if I manage to control my worries.
Can I become free ? (part 2). Certainly if I manage to accept myself as I am.



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