Sunday, 02 October 2022 08:49

Aux 4 SENS des ÉCRITURES - excerpt from the program

We are pleased to present to an excerpt from the program, “Une porte sur la vie,” hosted by Louise Fleury, pastoral worker at the parish of St-François-d’Assise Drummondville and Volunteer of God.

It is with generosity that Violaine Couture, Oblate, agrees to reveal this wonderful project that warms her heart: Bible sharing meetings on the “Aux 4 SENS des ÉCRITURES” web platform. In this accessible program featuring these simple and deep encounters, filled with meaning for our daily lives, Violaine accompanies viewers with true charisma.

Take a few minutes to watch and enjoy... In French only.

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"Une porte sur la vie" program, September 2022
TV Cogeco and the St François d'Assise Drummondville Parish, thanks to animator
Louise Fleury,
have made this TV interview that showcases the approach I use for Bible

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