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Monday, 22 February 2021 21:20

Mindset of Christ: Absence of criticism

BibianeEven after many years of life in the Institute, we must still make an effort to adopt the mentality of Christ. One point that I try to improve on, on a daily basis, is the absence of destructive criticism.

First of all, I nourish myself spiritually every day from the Word of God, I look at Jesus and I try to imitate him by respecting others in their differences, by seeking to discover the qualities and the good deeds of others, especially of those I would be tempted to criticize. In a conversation that tends to turn towards criticism, I try to change the subject, or if that's not easily done, I remain silent as a show of disagreement.

As we learned from Father Parent, criticism is venom that destroys peace, makes smiles disappear and diminishes joy. With the help of the Holy Spirit and of Mary, I seek to become a being of mercy and to open my heart to all people, even if it is not easy.

A text by Socrates invites us to pass what we want to say through three filters before speaking: Is what I am about to say concerning someone the truth? Is it appropriate to say? Is it helpful to say? I believe that this advice is wise and I try to put it into practice as much as possible.

Bibiane St-H.

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photo Meli1670 de Pixabay menuAt 38, the choice of celibacy was obvious. But, during an especially busy time, the question of meaning pursued me. Then, off work for a time, a request to lend a hand put me in touch with the “Oblates.”

The spirit of service was not new to me. But in responding to this request to serve, I discovered the gratuitous, unselfish, attainable love that I was looking for. I got to know the OMMI and learned to know their Institute. I discovered the meaning of my life in the call to consecration where I found peace and joy. (Choosing apostolic or contemplative religious life was never an option for me.)
Françoise L.

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