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How I live my mission

I live my mission every day and at all times as a consecrated layperson with the peoplewho are my work colleagues. All shoulder their share of responsibility and working together is a pleasure. The parish priest has confidence in me as an Oblate concerning pastoral work and in the promotion of the faith in the parish and in the diocese of Nakhone Rajsasima.

I strive to live my oblate commitment by my daily witnessing. I manifest the unconditional love of Christ to others who live around me. I renewmy vows of chastity, poverty and obedience every year according to the Constitution of the Institute of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

As an Oblate, living the 5 attitudes has helped to shape my life. For example, when I make mistakes in relation others close to me, I acknowledge those mistakes with simplicity and apologize. I am becoming more attentive to others and more open to them. That teaches me to serve with joy and happiness.

netnalith aThe above photo shows a group of seniors who meet with the purpose of maintaining the magnificent traditions of Thailandin order to pass theseon to future generations. It is through their generous communication and commitment of their time that activities for the children of the parish areorganized by these parish elders to transmit their traditions, like learning to celebrate and greet the New Year in Thai fashion.

netnalith bThis photo shows the witnessing of my commitment as a member of a secular institute amongst the religious inhabits and the religious group of Mary.

On December 20, 2019, the religious communities that work in the diocese of Nakhone Rajsasima came to celebrate with the bishop and extend their Christmas wishes to him.

I was invited to the bishop’s table for lunch. Father Malser who sat across from me asked me a question, “In comparison, which is the holiest, the Institute of the Oblates or the religious group of Mary?”
At that moment the bishop paid attention, waiting for my answer. I replied that all areequally holy since all pronounce the same vows. And Father said: Oh!That’strue.

I was pleased with this opportunity to explain my commitment as a consecrated lay person, a path to holiness for all the members of the Institute.

The above photo was taken in front of the residence of the bishop of Nakhone Rajsasima.

Netnalith W.

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