Tuesday, 28 September 2021 06:49

An angel passed by...

ange ciel menuI met Maria, 64, who tells me she didn't go to mass because she had forgotten when Easter was.

Then she tells me how she took care of a young undocumented Ghanaians immigrant, who, for two years, had lived in a garden hut that only protected him from the rain.

I sensed she was deeply moved by this man's situation. She looked for people who could help and several did: an association took charge of him. An apartment was found, shared with two other people; he acquired a medical card and a transport card. He got a job offering little or no pay.

He said to Maria, "You are an angel who has come to help me."

With the angels in the sky, I too rejoice.

Even without attending mass, God looks down upon her with tenderness!

Annick F.

Photo: Sibahk de Pixabay

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