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Tribute to Rose Mathieu

RoseI remember very well the first time I met Rose. She was teaching the Volunteers at a weekend meeting in Trois-Rivières. I couldn't help but tell her that her words had touched me and that I liked the way she talked about God.

A few years later, I was asked if I'd like to join the Volunteers of God Central Team. I must confess that I accepted because Rose was there, and I wanted to get to know her better, so I could talk to her on many subjects. I discovered a very open, sensitive woman with good judgment and, above all, a woman of God.

For over twenty years, I worked with her and Danielle, our secretary, to provide the Volunteers with food for thought and inspiring texts in our magazine, Sparks of Life. Rose always collaborated in different projects to give the best to the Volunteer teams and to single people. She was one of us; she never said you, the Volunteers, but often we, the Volunteers.

Working with her was easy. She was always in a good mood and ready to take on different challenges to give joy and enthusiasm to all the happy Volunteers living this spirituality of the 5 attitudes of life.

Rose was not only a collaborator for me, but also a great friend. I loved her reassuring, encouraging and comforting presence. I felt respected and loved, and our exchanges were always marked by the pleasure of seeing each other again, eating together, praying and singing the Glory of God.

I must say that I was privileged to have met an extraordinary missionary. During the trips I made with her in South America, I saw how much she was not only appreciated for her simplicity, but also for her love of people who have a thirst for spirituality.

virgin roseI ask God, the Virgin Mary and all the angels to welcome her with infinite tenderness.

France Robitaille

Watch the beautiful video produced by Esther Acuna in tribute to Rose Mathieu, for her dedication and love towards the Volunteers of God

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