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Lucienne's Dino-Cocktail

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Lucienne's Dino-Cocktail
Being passionate about culinary art, I love transforming natural products and producing new creations. I was pleased when I first heard about this new XXIst century culinary trend and decided to try it. It brought back a childhood interest. Woman of the soil, to this day I grow fine herbs on my gallery to produce pestos and coulis. I make candied fruits, jellies, ketchup and jams for my displays.
The dino-cocktail consists in the serving of a variety of appetizers: finger foods, "mezzes", tapas, antipostos and more. The entire display must have the coherence of a balanced meal. The approach creates a friendly atmosphere conducive to conversations around current events: social, pastoral and political.
"This evening has been a heavenly event," an energized guest said Lucienne.
"A marvellous experience where the beauty of culinary presentation is blended with savour. At Lucienne's, the dino-cocktail naturally leads to the swapping of stories around our engagements in our daily life ", added another guest, Gabrielle.

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