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Bobbin lace

coin artiste dentelle colette drouin ang

Bobbin lace.
Bobbin lace is a handmade textile piece. It consists of working with threads wound on bobbins on a square or a cushion.
The lace as we know it today dates back to the XVIth century, probably in Italy and in Flanders. Each country had “its lace” with its own characteristics.
The industrial revolution slowed down the realization of handmade lace. However, since the 1970’s, enthusiasm for this art has flourished here and there.
In Quebec, several groups of lace-makers have been set up in many regions during the last twenty years.
I have been a member of the Guild of Lace-makers and Embroiderers of Quebec for the last eight years.
As soon as I attended the first courses, I was fascinated by this activity. It calls for a great deal of creativity, precision, dexterity and patience.
I believe it is important to have “a passion” that fills moments of solitude and gladdens the heart.
Colette D.

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