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News, région of Asia-Indian Ocean

Life of the Oblates:
The life of the Oblates in our region is going on with the pandemic all over. The Oblates are very careful in their outside activities. They are avoiding the travel from place to place and attending celebration like marriage where people are not keeping social distances. By the grace of God, the Oblates are all safe in our region. The schools are still closed. Oblates teachers are teaching through online. The other offices are working with alternate staff. The churches are opened and the ceremonies are done with restriction.

Team Life:
The team meetings are regular with Oblates who are able to come together. Those who cannot travel are having meetings online through Zoom and whatsup groups. The teams are also took time to study and discuss the ‘Mission’ document sent by the PCA. Since the documents are very long, the Oblates studied personally and shared in the team level.

In Vietnam, the volunteers of God renewed their promise and some Oblates renewed their vows.

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The formation of the candidates is also regular in most of the countries either through online or in person.
The regional animations were not done according to our plan. If things are in favour, the regional council will try to accomplish this year.

c asie ocean indienDeath of Houngmany Ien: Laos
Our beloved companion Houngmany Ien from Laos died on December 15, 2020. She was sick for a long time. Our companions in Laos took care of her in all these period.

Soon after the regional leader knew this message through the coordinator of Laos, she sent a death notice to all the companions in our region. The Oblates offered their prayers and sent condolence messages to our companions in Laos.

Our companion Amadis Jeannette – Mauritius had an eye operation. Now she has better eye sight.

Rodrigues Island has so far been spared from covid 19 Mauritians and Rodrigans can travel freely by plane without having to quarantine.

The Oblates of Rodrigues is doing a wonderful job with the girls concerning vocation.

d asie ocean indienEDOUARD Sylvianne returned to Rodrigues and is at the service of her village, of girls for prayer meetings and to meet the Volunteers of God
CASIMIR Christiane is now working with Verlaine at the Centre Frere Remy twice or thrice a week.
CASIMIR Arlette has completed her formation and returned to Rodrigues since 9.12.2020 and it has been a successful formation.
AMADIS Jeannette forms part of PAT (Pastoral Animation Team) of her parish.

e asie ocean indienLAFLEURCausette celebrated her 50th birthday on 9.12.2020

In Mauritius
we had our last team meeting on 19.12.2020 and BRELU-BRELUEllena renewed her vows.

With prayerful regards,
Savariyaradimai Mercy
Regional Leader.


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