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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 19:46

In the midst of these pandemic

nouvelle sans nomAn affectionate and fraternal greeting from the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate of the Latin America and Caribbean Region to all the Oblates of our beloved Institute. We are happy to briefly share with you, and, in very general terms, our experience in this time of a pandemic that has caused many wounds. Our societies have gone through situations of anguish, sadness, too much pain, death and fear. It has been six months of confinement with strict quarantine. Restrictions have been slightly diminished but uncertainty prevails because there is still a high rate of infections and a considerable number of deaths. In our Region the situations are similar; our developing countries are poorer today. The pre-existing fragility and vulnerability that we already lived has been made worse by the Coronavirus.

We Oblates have let ourselves be inspired by the Word of God to become ever more faithful to the Will of the Lord in the present moment. This time has favored silence, reflection and prayer. We have been moved towards closer unity with God, with ourselves and our brothers through gestures of solidarity, encouraging hope and trust in the Lord Jesus and the love of the Mother of all, the Virgin Mary. We have recognized this time of pandemic as a valuable opportunity for growth, and drawing on our charism and rich spirituality, we have lived through quarantines going out to meet our brothers in despair with a message of hope, love and peace as instruments of listening and welcoming.

In the midst of these pandemic and prolonged quarantines, the Oblates of Latin America and the Caribbean have been deprived of face-to-face meetings. For this reason our communications have been via WhatsApp, e-mail and telephone. As August arrived, our hearts burned with the desire to renew our vows. How did we do that? Most of us renewed in our rooms with a delegated witness because there was no possibility of having an Oblate companion present. We felt that, in a special way, we were clearly living the present moment according to the Will of God and we experienced with deep joy the value of our consecration.

Carmen M. from the Dominican Republic made her first vows in her town.

The Oblates in Haiti renewed their vows in teams at the conclusion of a three-day retreat. América González from Chile, renewed her vows with the celebration of the Eucharist at her home presided over by a priest friend.

Patricia C. from Chile renewed her vows at the main altar of the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen with Mass celebrated by two priests who made this wonderful gift possible.

The Oblates in Cochabamba renewed their vows in September.

This is how we have lived and continue to live the present moment.

In friendship,
The Regional Council for Latin America and the Caribbean

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