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Tuesday, 30 June 2020 12:44

During this pandemic

violaine menuGood morning,

Through these videos, I therefore seek to give meaning to our experience during this pandemic, through the liturgical texts of the present time. I also seek, as Origen said, to bring out the "core"of the texts, in other words, the main message or symbolism behind the text, which strikes the imagination and gives a new perspective to the text .

I hope that these short videos will help you in meditation and make you live a renewed relationship with the Lord Jesus, the Risen One.

I thank my Oblate leaders who encouraged me to continue them.
Violaine Couture, here is my youtube channel

List of videos, French only. Click on the titles to view on the Institute's youtube channel.


10- Guéris-moi
Un chant que j'ai composé en 1998... avec Yolaine Pépin, Raymonde Pelletier et Henri-Louis Trudel comme interprètes sur un montage de photos de mon récent pélerinage à Jérusalem. Mon site web est en reconstruction mais sous peu vous devriez être capable de le télécharger.

11- L'Eucharistie, processus pédagogique inédit
Voici le processus pédagogique de Jésus: il nous demande d’abord de lui faire confiance… Il nous demande individuellement : « Est-ce que tu me fais confiance quand je te dis que je suis le Pain de vie? » Il ne nous demande pas : « Est-ce que tu me comprends intellectuellement quand je te dis que je suis le Pain de vie? » Il ne nous demande pas de comprendre avec l’intelligence humaine, il nous demande de croire, de lui faire confiance… Et après viendra l’éclairage de l’intelligence spirituelle par la grâce de l’Esprit Saint, chacun à son rythme…

12- Ascension de Jésus descente de l'Esprit
Jésus avait annoncé son départ à ses disciples, d’abord son départ de la vie terrestre par l’annonce de sa passion et de sa mort, mais aussi il a annoncé son départ d’avec les disciples, une fois ressuscité. Il est demeuré avec eux dans son état de ressuscité pendant une quarantaine de jours, avec plusieurs apparitions en ligne, pour que les disciples s’apprivoisent à cette résurrection de leur Maître, pour qu’ils n’en doutent pas. Puis, une fois qu’il a senti que sa résurrection était mieux intégrée dans leurs esprits, il les quitte de manière plus définitive, en montant vers le Père. Mais avant, il les invite à se préparer à la descente de l’Esprit dans leur cœur. « Il faut que je parte pour que vienne sur vous le Paraclet, le Consolateur. » (Jean 15)

13- Pentecôte, du don de la Torah au don de l'Esprit
Si la Pentecôte juive (Shavuot) est la commémoration du DON de la Torah de Dieu à Moïse, la Pentecôte chrétienne, en complément, marque le DON de l'Esprit Saint à l'Église naissante. Les deux dons se complètent l'un et l'autre. Sommes-nous toujours dans l'ère de la Pentecôte, dans l'ère de l'Esprit Saint ?

14- Prière sacerdotale de Jésus et vie Trinitaire
La Trinité méditée avec la prière sacerdotale de Jésus. "Père l'heure est venue"... comment cette prière contient la relation trinitaire. "Père, qu'ils soient UN comme toi tu es en moi et moi en eux."

15- Amour et vérité se rencontrent
Amour et vérité se rencontrent, justice et paix s'embrassent ; la vérité germera de la terre et du ciel se penchera la justice. Le Seigneur donnera ses bienfaits, et notre terre donnera son fruit. Nous voyons ici comme deux pôles qui se complètent, ou du moins, qui s’entrecroisent : d’une part, l’amour et la vérité, et d’autre part, la justice et la paix. En effet, il ne peut y avoir de véritable amour sans vérité. Là où est le mensonge, il n’y a qu’un amour à l’eau de rose, un amour qui camoufle une réalité tout autre. S. Jean est très clair sur le sujet, là où il y a mensonge, Dieu n’est pas là. Donc, Dieu est vérité tout en étant amour.

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Monday, 29 June 2020 23:42

Homage to Eileen McBrearty

signet eileenToday, June 5, 2020, I want to pay homage to Eileen McBrearty on the 10th anniversary of her death.

She leaves her mark colored by her heritage, Irish on her father’s side and Scotch on her mother’s side. She enjoyed pushing us to the wall, provoking a reaction and exasperating us.

Her sense of responsibility made her demanding of others but she was easily forgiven because of her kind heart, her joie de vivre and her generosity.

People still speak to me about the attachment, friendship and affection they had for her.

Some time after her death a stranger stopped me in front of a store and said, “Madame, I want to offer you my condolences for the death of Madame McBrearty. I would see you together in church and I was struck by her smile. She was a good person.” For me, that comment was evidence that what we radiate influences our world.

To this day friends remember what she represented for them; they remember her tastes in food: French fries, hamburger, seafood, chicken with a good glass of wine. “Why not!” was her response when she was offered a glass of wine.

I believe it was her transparency that called us to love her as she was. A few months ago I met a priest who had worked on a committee with her. He said, “Ah, Eileen, I quite liked her; she knew what she wanted and would push things forward. She had a clear objective, to bring a project to fruition even if it meant upsetting some people.”

Rest in peace, dear Eileen. Thank you for having been part of our life, jarring us out of our routine to see with new eyes and step out of ourselves. Thank you for your love of life and for having left us your “I love.” that still resonates with us.

Paulette C.

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Monday, 29 June 2020 23:14

My mission on a daily basis

main okI am a retired nurse. For a number of years my volunteer commitment has focused on being a greeter at a community centre for active seniors.
As well, I assist an outreach worker involved with tenants in a low-rental building.
Once a month I do a shift at a listening help centre.
Within the Institute, occasionally visit a companion who is unwell or who is experiencing loss of independence.

My spiritual life is important in my striving to live my mission well. My five apostolic attitudes are my point of reference.
I refer to Jesus in my daily life to model his example in my relationships.
What is essential to me in relating to others is compassion, openness, listening and recognizing each one’s importance.

I am guided and assisted by Love.

Pauline P.

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The status of Oblates in the region

Oblates in Asia are safe till today. The Consequences of Lock down affected all the people. The Oblates are also affected and all the spiritual and physical activities are badly disturbed. No job and no payments. The Oblates in our region spend more time for prayers and reflection. Participating Holy Mass through Television and other medias. Some Oblates are invited by the parish priest to participate in Holy Mass celebrated privately on all week days and Sundays.

Activities – by local church level and government level

The churches are all closed for an indefinite period. People are participating the Holy Mass through online or through Television. No spiritual programs in the churches. In the parish level, few parishes support the poor parishioners by giving food materials for few days.
The government is giving proper care for the virus affected people. Asking all the people to wear mask when they go out to buy the necessary things and ask the people to keep clean their face and hands often with soap. The government is supporting by giving food materials to the poor families in some countries.

Activities of the people – life of the people.
People are all locked down at their home. The working parents have more time with their children. The family bond is strengthening. Some organizations come forward to help by distributing food for the very poor families.

Pictures of Oblates’ activities during lock down period.

 mercy sur petit canevas

thrésiamma fabrication masque
Pictures of Oblates’ activities during
lock down period.
Mercy Savariyaradimai (Oblate)
Jyothi Centre: India giving food
materials through
Jyothi Jeeva Poorna Trust .

Thresiamma Mathew(Oblate)
giving mask to the health workers
from Archana Women Centre

A group of the Archana Women’s
Centre community making masks.

Some grocery and vegetable shops got permission to open the shops for certain hours. People can buy things by keeping social distance. Catholic people attend Mass and adoration and other special prayers through Television and through internet.

Mercy S.

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Thursday, 25 June 2020 22:54

Flash 4- I have never doubted

arc en ciel albrecht fietz menuWhen I was four I very innocently said in front of my family that I was going to become a nun. They all burst out laughing. That was it – no more sharing of secrets!

Twenty years later, during his visits to schools, the bishop of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, came to my class and spoke to me about the Oblates who don’t criticize, don’t complain, are consecrated but are not nuns and don’t wear a habit.

That was it – exactly what I had hoped for.

I started my probation six months after entering the Institute and have never looked back; I have never doubted that I am exactly where I belong.

Louise L.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020 22:48

Happy Summer Vacation

bonne vacance eng
The month of July will soon be upon us. Some of you will be enjoying a vacation, others not.
Regardless, this thought is addressed to all of you:
« Make of your life a dream and, from the dream, reality. » (The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) May it be aninspiration for you.
We are thinking of you.

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Louise Fleury: administrator
Liliane Rodrigue: contact person for the Regions
Denise Gagné: revisor of French texts
Louise Lalonde: French to English translator
Réjeanne Mathieu: French to Spanish translator
Paulette Chénard: resource person

To all who are engaged as volunteers with the updating of the website, thank you.


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Monday, 22 June 2020 06:38

Thought for the month July 20

g juillet vingt cest dsle don denous meme trouver vrai bonheur ppp ang

Il is is the gift of self that we find true happiness. Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

jess foami menuWhen I decided to join the Institute the attraction for me was the simplicity and the commitment that it offered: consecrating my life to God while remaining lay and committing to living the charity of Christ to transform my milieu through positive attitudes. One attitude in particular, the absence of criticism, always helped me to see the good and the beauty in every person and in the world.
F.T. Tremblay

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