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Vivre l'Évangile au coeur du monde

logo sel lumiereVivre l'Évangile au coeur du monde
À l'occasion des célébrations du 60e anniversaire de fondation, la chaîne de télévision Sel + Lumière a produit cette émission présentant la vie des membres de l'institut séculier des Oblates Missionnaires de Marie Immaculée. En 2012

Voir la vidéo:

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This region of the Institute has 95 Oblates, most of them in the metropolitan area of Montreal; from there, towards the West in the rest of Canada, and towards the south, in the United States of America.
The associate group Volunteers of God has around 300 members in this territory.


Members of the Assembly
Ginette F.,Mariette V.,  Adrianna D.,  Aline M.,  Denise G.,  Cécile L. (secretary),
Germaine D.,  Anita P.,  Pauline L., Lucile A.,  Marie-Jeanne A.,  Georgette N., Louise L.

a Ginette Faubertcorrok

The Regional Assembly Preparation Committee
Cécile L., Denise G., Winnie B.

b epar donne son rapport

Workshop team # 1                                                                                         Workshop team # 2

c atelier no 1  d atelier no 2

Moment of leisure

e  f

On the eve of the elections Louise L. thanked the Regional Leader, Adrianna D.
and the Council members, Ginette F., Pauline L., Marie-Jeanne A. and Germaine D.
for their dedication during their five-year mandate:
Bravo, women of faith and challenge!
Bravo for your availability and steadfastness!

Congratulations and thanks to the Regional Leader for her re-election Adrianna D, and to the Councilors.
All have accepted a three-year mandate. Germaine D., Pauline L, et Lucile A.

g cr sortant

We wish them well in their service to their companions.

h nouveau conseil rég am nord o

The closing of the Regional Assembly June 1, 2018, by the Regional Leader, Adrianna D.

i a rr clôture assemblée

Theresa O., representative of the Region on the Administrative Council,
invited to the closing mass and dinner, pins corsages on the elected Regional Council.

j merci au nouveau cr 2

Closing mass presided by Michel Beauchamp, V. Dei, who had also presided at the opening mass.


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