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Saturday, 24 November 2018 11:17

A Tribute to Two Jubilarians

In 1993 I was pleased to welcome as members to the Volunteers of God two dynamic women, Francine Durand and Marie-Blanche Bissonnette. They were attracted by the mission of the Volunteers which is based on the 5 attitudes of life.

Twenty-five years have gone by since then. On September 10, 2018, the Volunteers in La Tuque were proud to celebrate the perseverance of these two committed women.

It was my pleasure to be present and to honor them for their fruitful journeys.

francine durand jubilaire réjeanne allardFrancine Durand, a woman of challenge and action accepted to collaborate with the animation of the team of Volunteers after my departure from La Tuque in 1996, a task she carried out with generosity for 12 years, enhanced by her artistic talent. Tenacious and graced with a positive attitude, she got involved in various venues sowing joy and peace around her.






marie blanche bissonnette lise defoy respMarie-Blanche Bissonnette was appreciated by the Volunteer group for her talent as singer and guitarist. She brought cheer and freshness to the meetings. Also, she is dedicated to helping the elderly and entertains in residences and at the hospital.

I was honored to present them with a souvenir album highlighting their contributions to their milieux as Volunteers of God. Happy 25th anniversary to both of you.


Réjeanne Allard, Reference Contact
Trois-Rivières Sector



Group Volunteers of God

groupe volontaires la tuque

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Friday, 02 November 2018 13:57

You take me back

mainLord, are you not the retrieval specialist?
I shall soon be 84 years old.
I stand before you.
You can take back what you wish.

I offer you my ears.
I have used them from the moment of my existence.
They have listened to all kinds of things, heard so much noise.
They no longer worth much.
I offer them to you to take them back.

I offer you my eyes.
They have read, they have looked,
They have blinked, they have laughed, they have cried,
They have led, directed, informed me.
Opened, they have taught me a lot;
Closed, they have revealed the Good Lord to me
To a great extent
In a world new and eternal.
I have little vision left, enough to guide myself
So that I don’t need a seeing-eye dog
Nor a white cane,
Enough to realize it is diminishing little by little.
I give them to you to take back.

I offer you my tongue.
It has a lot of power.
It is not suffering from wear.
It has great effect on people.
If it says positive things
The faces around me radiate.

Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.
Compose in 1994

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Friday, 02 November 2018 11:27

With Mary, i always keep hope

paysageThis theme which is proposed really calls upon us about how we live our daily life, how we consider life with its events and its difficulties.
We will look at Mary to see how she has lived her daily life and how with her we are called to live well our reality.

Mary has always put her trust in God. She lived in a world where there were many troubles (domination of the Romans, violence, injustice, etc.) She never ceased to believe that God would intervene on behalf of the little ones, the unloved, the poor. She was waiting, and she counted on the promise of God: He who is faithful would send a Saviour.

She was part of the anawims (modest ones who, in their poverty, were waiting with confidence for God’s intervention).In her relationship to God, she had no doubt realized that God loves his people and that he will come, he will intervene to liberate his people. Her faith was so great, her trust absolute, that she remained in peace, confident, waiting at the time of God.

The Angel’s Word to Mary, who calls her as one who is full of grace and tells her that she was God’s chosen to bring the Son of God, the Saviour, to the world. She simply asks how it can be done, she who is a virgin. She simply relies on God in absolute confidence.

This annunciation to Mary that we find in the Gospel tells us very clearly that Mary’s attitude should be, for us, the fundamental attitude with which we must face life. Like Mary, our relationship with God must be made of trust and abandonment. With her, we can experience in our daily life this love that accompanies us day by day.

With Mary, let us open ourselves to this Presence of God who is always active in the heart of our world. With her, we can enter into thanksgiving because God is faithful, and his presence is always active in all the moments of our life. She opens us to God, to discover his presence and action in our daily lives and to trust the Spirit that lives in us. With her, let us respond to our call to contribute with all our lives to our participation in God’s plan: “Let it be according to your word,” she says. Mary’s attitude must become ours too. We cannot do it alone. We need Mary, the grace of God and her Spirit.

We live in a world that in many ways has lost its way of life. The news tells us about disasters of all kinds, violence. We are often insecure: what will the future be? What will happen to us? How to live in peace before what life brings us? How to keep peace and trust? How can we engage in this world, with our gifts and our love, in the heart of new realities without our fears paralyzing us, without our negative judgments, but in the faith of Mary?

Gerald Michaud, V.Dei

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 22:28

Embroidery is my response

coin artite broderie denise gagne ang


"Since the Great Work of the universe can only be completed by each one, the cosmic and divine Artist invites each in turn to become a true artist of the beauty of the world…" [1]
For me, embroidery is my response to this gentle invitation. The pieces I make, stitch by stitch, allow me to tap into this potential given and received as a gift and thus perpetuate an art of living exemplified by two types of embroidery: black embroidery (balcony embroidery) and boutis (the flower). As consecrated secular, embroidery is my way of living my mission by contributing to the beauty of the world.
Denise G.
[1] Jean Proulx, Artisans de la beauté du monde (Artisans of the Beauty of the World)
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