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Life journey

Throughout her life, Annette has thirsted for beauty. She experienced beauty while working as a missionary, when caring for the sick and making home visits and now she sees God and contemplates him in the interconnection of colors and brushes.
God meets me in the beauty of creation. I was introduced to art through art work. It became for me a way of living an active and positive retirement, a space for gratuity and growth, a place for sharing and witnessing.
I found my deepest motivation in the words Pius XII addressed to artists: «Beauty must uplift us. The purpose of art is to break the narrow and painful space of the finite in which man finds himself as long as he lives on earth. It provides a window for his spirit which tends towards infinite. When a culture is without hope, give the earth and humanity a smile that will reflect beauty and divine light…»
In figurative art, my way of painting, I favour spontaneity, creativity and symbols. Adding a poetic space makes room for a new and fresh perspective. Through my water color paintings I hope to convey an atmosphere of serenity and joy.
This is how I continue my own quest for beauty which is well integrated in the spirituality of daily life.
Annette Dion

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