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Sunday, 19 February 2017 20:31

5 attitudes of life to be happy

Contest held in religion class with 4th and 5th secondary grade students. The theme: “5 attitudes of life to be happy.”After having presented our spirituality we asked the students to express the 5 attitudes of life through drawings, tales, stories or poems. We are in our second year of working on this project in "Stella Maris" de la Tablada de Lurin High School where I, Flor Angelica, teach. The assignments are well done and prizes are awarded. Parents and students alike view the works and the prizes are handed out by the students.

Another of our challenges is forming a group of Volunteers of God with a few students. We held a meeting last year and we want to meet with them again this February. I am happy to transmit to the youth a part of our rich spirituality.

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