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Tonight the La Tuque Volunteers of God are celebrating the 25 years commitment of two of its members.

Indeed, is it not an appropriate coincidence that, at this season, nature generously produces its fruits.

This image inspires me to give thanks for the fruits of life we are all invited to produce in our day to day life. The Volunteers of God respond to the call to live in harmony with God, with others and with themselves in their own milieu. 

A verse from Jn 15; 16 is appropriate for the occasion: YOU DID NOT CHOOSE ME, BUT I CHOSE YOU. Robert Lebel has just written a song on that verse for the Teams of Our Lady.

Tonight, Lord, I give thanks with my La Tuque friends for having chosen Suzelle and Nicole to follow in your footsteps as Volunteers of God. They produce good fruits, each in her own way with her qualities and talents. For 25 years they have striven to LIVE EVERYWHERE THE CHARITY OF CHRIST IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

The incarnation of the love of Christ is great and profound. Father Parent, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has given us a concrete spirituality to follow. The five attitudes of life form us from day to today to produce good fruits.

Robel Lebel says in his song: He who does not draw from the sap from the branches is a twig that dries and dies having produced nothing… but he who is grafted on the heart of love will bring joyful harvest that always surprise.   

That is how Suzelle and Nicole have lived for 25 years: grafted to Jesus to live the 5 evangelical attitudes and the Christian contacts.

Thank you, Lord, for the fruits of kindness, wonder, respect, service and peace that our jubilarians spread with open hands.

Twenty years ago Suzelle stepped in as animator of the Volunteers assisted by her two collaborators Francine and Lise.

Heartfelt thanks, Suzelle, for you initial yes and for the10 years at the helm of the group. I give thanks to the Lord for your love and desire to serve the Church while pursuing your formation in spiritual accompaniment. Congratulations for the diploma you will be receiving in the fall!

Thank you as well, Lord, for Nicole’s generous yes in helping with animation these past 10 years. You have all my admiration!

Congratulations and best wishes for a long life of love to both of you!!!  

Réjeanne A.

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