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The spirit of charity is not improvised, it is received from ...

m marie milanI thank the Lord for having inspired our dear Father Louis-Marie Parent, founder of the Institute, The Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate. He has drawn a very concrete path of Christian and consecrated life for us to follow.

Being attentive to people, as Christ was, opens the door to a life of charity.

With a team, we had welcomed the children of migrants (the pandemic put an end to this project). I had gotten to know the parents beforehand. That is how, at an R.S.F. demonstration, the mother of three found the courage to confide: "I have a home, but I have no fridge or washer. Could you help me find some?"

Her request provoked me and propelled me to make multiple contacts to respond to her needs. I took particular interest in this family and made myself available for various services and I got others involved with me. The very grateful mom knows she can knock on my door anytime. Together with others we are always be able to help out. The family knows how to bring enjoyment by sharing moments of friendship.

The Covid crisis and confinement, which keep us mostly at home, have made me more attentive to my neighbors allowing me to create a fraternal atmosphere through small gestures.

coeuravecnomThe spirit of charity is not improvised, it is received from Him who is total Love and asks only to be spread around. I borrow a quote from Catherine of Siena: "Make yourself capable, I will make of myself a torrent!”

Lord, grant us the grace to live in your Love. Then You, in turn, will spring up like a waterfall giving us, as a bonus, the joy of sharing!

Marie M.

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