Thursday, 21 May 2020 00:03

My involvement


I would like to share with you my involvement in my parish. Since the parish was experiencing financial problems we have initiated a variety of activities to put money in the kitty. One of these was garage sales.
For the past 17 years, people have been donating clothes, furniture… all kinds of things like pots, dishes, etc. In preparing for the sale days 15 volunteers work at displaying the articles. My job is to wash and polish the pots, dishes… even a lawn mower. This team work is a human and spiritually enriching experience; we all have different ideas about how to prepare displays. We have to make concessions and learn to respect each other. On sale days I sell fifty-fifty tickets.
In this experience I see the Holy Spirit in action; we learn to create fraternal ties, camaraderie and to take teasing, to be joyful and forgiving. We get to know each other and, in so doing, create community. For me our spirituality of the 5-5-5 help me to be a peacemaker.

Danielle M.

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