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A certificate of appreciation

The organization Development and Peace was founded in 1967 by the Canadian Bishops. The objective of the organization resonated with my desire to help the poorest of the poor by targeting the underlying causes of poverty.

I was almost thirty, teaching in the Haute Mauricie (Quebec), when I became representative of Development and Peace for my parish.

Upon retiring I returned to Nicolet, my home diocese. As a member of Bon-Pasteur parish in Drummondville  I continued year after year to be involved in the organization.

The objective of Development and Peace was so dear to me that I passed the torch on to younger people.

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Mrs. Bianca Mailloux, pastoral worker, and Benjamin Mercier, a senior high-school student, spoke at masses on the fifth Sunday of International Solidarity 2019.

On that occasion the National President of Development and Peace, Mr. Jean-Denis Lampron, presented me with a certificate of appreciation for my commitment and contribution to social justice.

Réjeanne A

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