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Christmas in the light of our spirituality

jesusMy presence to God and to the world is what motivates me every day to help my neighbors and even more so at Christmas time. My life of intimacy with Christ awakens me to the needs of my community.
I live surrounded by five families from Syria, one from Madagascar and two from Aboriginal people. At Christmas, I decorate the interior and exterior of my home with religious scenes. It is an opportunity to explain the meaning of my religion to those who question me.
The magazine of Our Lady of the Cape of September 2022, with the help of artificial intelligence, illustrated a most realistic portrait of Jesus. I notice that this Jesus has many features in common with my Syrian neighbors. To continue the comparison, I also see in the ten or so young children playing in the yard, a friendly little Jesus.
All these coincidences stimulate my actions and invite me to seek the will of God in the heart of the world. Just like at Halloween, I will have a little surprise for my young friends at Christmas.
Isn't that event a time for sharing with people who are not yet adapted to our country?
For me, to live Christmas is to witness to charity at every occasion that arises.

Lise Jacques
Trois-Rivières, December, 2022




Child: Pexels de Pixabay

Jesus: ʌʅєҳʌɲɗɾʌ ɱontanaro de Pixabay

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