Monday, 06 November 2017 20:51

Radio Hope

radioesperanceSix years ago a neighbor on my floor told me that she took time every day to read the Scriptures of the daily Mass from her Living with Christ. When her sight began diminishing, every morning, my eyes

afforded her this spiritual nourishment.

Eight months later she was admitted to a retirement home. During one of my regular phone calls she expressed regret that no one was available to pursue these privileged moments with her.

I said, “Listen, I think the Holy Spirit is speaking to me! Why not continue our daily mass reading over the phone?”

“What a good idea”, she said, “would you do that for me?”

For the past five years, this has been such a powerful time for us that we have named that moment our “Radio Hope.”

Through this mission sent by the Spirit, Christ lives within me through his Evangelization.

Mado Riggaz

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