Thursday, 16 February 2017 19:20

60 Years in Haïti

When Gabrielle Lachance and Jeanne D’Arc Laroche arrived in Haiti July 9, 1956, an Haitian who had become an Oblate in Quebec and had returned to Haiti in November 1955 had laid the groundwork to establish the Institute. Visits by the founder, Father Louis-Marie Parent, OMI, in February and March, 1956, were initiated by her. On those occasions His Excellency François Poirier, Archbishop of Port‑au‑Prince, agreed to the presence of the Institute in two hospitals. His Excellency Jean‑Louis Collignon, OMI, Bishop of Les Cayes, sent oblates to start a school and a health clinic in Tiburon. To this day there are oblates present there. By the end of 1956 there were eight Canadians and twelve Haitians, including Lumène, actively living and witnessing the charity of Christ. See Lumène’s prayer of thanksgiving 60 years later. Read more in French.

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