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Volunteering among the poor

One of our members is a volunteer at the Centre d’organisation mauricien de services et d’éducation populaire (Comsep) a Centre for literacy, popular education and other services in a region between Montreal and Quebec City. This organization was born of the determination of twelve young women who gathered on November 16, 1986 on a full moon night.  Comsep is one of the 94 member organizations of the Community Development Corporation of Trois-Rivières. It is one of the 8,000 organizations of this type in Québec. Each of these groups has a fascinating story. Here is the story of Comsep, presented by Pauline Charest who has been a volunteer literacy and mathematics facilitator for 19 years.

Like a mustard seed (Lk 13: 18-19)… (read more, in French)

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