Absence from Criticism


Take another step...How can we develop an optimistic look like that of Christ’s in order to reach the underlying reality of human beings and of the world in evolution? It is important that we walk in the footsteps of Jesus by becoming His disciple so that we may gain a deeper insight of others and of the world.

If I can look at others with the Lord’s own eyes, it will lead me to see them beyond outward appearances and I will discover the true values of the people I meet. This will help me to see the good in every situation, no matter how difficult.

The attitude of “Abstention from destructive criticism inwardly and outwardly” makes me take another step. It helps me to develop a new vision, to look at people and ecclesial and social structures differently.

As a Volunteer of God, I study His word, I discover his will, I assimilate His mentality, I try to love everyone without distinction as He loves them and I cry out to the Father like a poor person on the way running out of breath.

With the spirituality of the five attitudes of life, I try not to deny my faults or those of others. I try not to hide them but to see them as they are and as opportunities for growth. I recognize all human beings as equals and that that all need to be saved freely and constantly by the Lord. Like Jesus, I try to see the positive as a point of support and hope.

The attitude of “Abstention from criticism” enables me to see others as Christ sees them and loves them and to see the world as a plan being fulfilled by our involvements more or less adapted. I therefore become responsible for my judgements.

I am a person in the process of becoming who I am. My wish is to be closely linked to the God of Love and to follow Jesus. As a Volunteer of God, I keep my eyes fixed on the One who walks before me and carries my burdens. Christ’s mentality changes my heart and my outlook on all things.

I put myself on God’s side. I express my opinion and speak out for Him, for justice, for equality and for dignity among people. I may not always be successful… but thanks to Him who is alive and active in my life, I sometimes become aware that I am his instrument.

The attitude 
Abstention from destructive criticism 
inwardly and outwardly” 
allows the virtue of charity to grow in me.

  1. What means do I use to look at myself and others with different eyes?
  2. When something bothers me, do I tend to judge harshly? Why?
  3. How can the abstention from destructive criticism inwardly and outwardly help me to become radiant in my surrounding?

Team of Volunteers from Québec