The importance of archives according to Father Parent


Father Parent describes the importance of archives as follows:

“Archiving a document assures its survival. The document is kept ready for action, like a seed scattered on soil,  amendable to sprouting in all situations and thus producing new life.”

“Archives control the present moment. They are the nerve centre at rest, a memory in action, a technological manual with the potential of making the invisible visible.”

2000-06-25     Louis-Marie Parent, OMI

01.07.99   I am presently visiting the archives in their new location for the first time. I have the strong impression that the Lord is showing me the numerous graces received and even the miracles accomplished by the Oblates since their foundation. I think of Mary who conserved so many things in her heart. Mary’s heart is truly the archives of Providence. Accordingly, may the heart of every Oblate forever be the archives of the graces, goodness and miracles of Jesus in the lives of each of us.

Pierrette, as archivist in charge, you give a new quality of life to the Institute; you bring us back to our roots. Thank you. Continue allowing us live hours that are worth an eternity of unending joy.

Louis-Marie Parent, OMI